What knives do sof use?

Learn what knifes do sof use in this informative article by Knife and Carry

What knives do sof use?

f you're looking for a quality, affordable knife for tactical applications, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll discuss a few popular models of tactical knives, including the Gerber Mark II and Cold Steel SRK 5. We'll also discuss the Ka-Bar and OKC knives.

Cold Steel SRK 5

Cold Steel SRK knives are designed for extreme durability and superior edge retention. The Cold Steel SRK offers a fine clip point, enough belly for efficient cutting and the strongest edge configuration possible. This knife is available in two sizes and two steels, making it an excellent choice for all survival roles. It is also made with 2.75% vanadium for extra toughness and edge retention.

These knives come with a lifetime guarantee. You can use them for hunting, self-defense, and cutting materials. When you're considering purchasing a combat knife, consider your personal preferences and needs. If you're using it for self-defense, you'll want a hard-edged knife that cuts cleanly and quickly.

These knives are forged in the U.S. military, but are available for home users as well. They feature a specially formulated steel alloy that is super-strong. This alloy is then heat treated after purchase, increasing tensile strength. Lou Goodman, a master knifemaker, came up with this material, as it offers a wide range of uses.

Gerber Mark II

The Gerber Mark II knife is a classic military knife with a history. The knife was manufactured in the 1960s and designed to be deadly. Early models of the knife featured an Armorhide coating to protect the blade against the elements. This material was used in black and gray finishes from 1968 to 1977. It was also available in limited orange and yellow runs. A popular model is the Gerber TAC2, which was used by Jack Burton in the classic film "Big Trouble in Little China".

These knives were designed for SOF and the Special Operations Forces and have long been issued to these units. Their versatility and reliability have earned them a reputation as an elite tool used by the military. Some of these knives are even issued to the US Navy and Special Air Service. So, if you're looking for a quality military-issued knife, you may want to check out Gerber's line.

The Gerber Mark II was designed by a former Army Captain and features a long, 6.5-inch blade that's good for striking a vital area from any angle. Its dagger-style design and dual serrated edge make it easy to cut through thick materials.

OKC knife

The OKC knife is a high-quality fixed blade knife that has been used by the US Navy and Special Forces for years. These blades are reliable, durable, and extremely versatile. The company also produces a wide variety of other tools. They make everything from kitchenware and cutlery to survival equipment and scientific and medical tools.

The knife is made by Ontario Knife Company. The knife has a partially serrated clip point blade, as well as a soft Kraton rubber overmold. The knife's guard/quillion has a hole for lashing it as a spear, and its butt cap doubles as a glass breaker. It also comes with a nylon sheath with a Kydex (r) insert and two leg straps.


The KA-BAR knife has a rich history. It was a lifesaver in the wilderness of Alaska, where hunters were often forced to resort to using the knife to kill bears when their firearms failed. The name was originally derived from a badly written letter that sounded like "k a bar." The company trademarked the phrase, "kill a bear."

The Ka-Bar knife is a popular choice among U.S. troops deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq. Its large blade can slash through bears and is over four feet long. The blade can also be used for other applications. The handle is made of tough synthetic leather, which is encased in cordura fabric for added strength.

The blade is made of S30V steel. This makes it a durable weapon, but it can also be a slashing weapon. The handle is G10, and it comes with a locking mechanism. A blade lock bar stabilizer protects the blade and prevents it from moving around while in use. In addition to this, it prevents blade breakage.

And they need to know that their team can handle anything they come across, Ontario MK 3 Navy Knife. Developed for the Russian Spetsnaz special forces, the ballistic knife is a hybrid blade and a rugged projectile. The blade of a ballistic knife can be fired at the push of a button and travel about five meters at about 40 mph, in case a Spetsnaz soldier is unable to pursue the enemy. Some ballistic knives use compressed air or even gas propulsion for more power, making them even more destructive.

Spetsnaz are known to train at throwing knives as whispers of death, eliminating their target in a quick and quiet movement. They also trained in the use of the ballistic knife, which was also a silent killer. Nor is it a one-piece projectile, since you can reload a blade by sliding it back on the dock. It's probably a good idea that this knife is not available to the general public.

The Gurkhas Brigade is a general term that refers to all units of the British army consisting of Nepalese Gurkhas soldiers. Raised in a hostile environment, Gurkhas developed to become more or less close to the superhuman. You can witness their skills in an annual race called Trailwalker 100 km, which usually ends in 12 to 13 hours. The Gurkhas win it every year, with about eight hours.

The Kukri (also known as Khukuri) is their weapon of choice and is as sharp as they are. Nepalese Gurkhas grew up sharpening multi - tools and hunting animals with a curved blade, which allowed them to establish a relationship with this weapon of war. You can purchase a Kukri CRKT made of 65Mn carbon steel with a thermoplastic rubber overloaded handle material. Military units seeks tactical knives that can withstand the harsh reality of combat.

Most of the best knives are made of carbon or stainless steel. I prefer carbon, which maintains the advantage better, but I say that I have had a stainless steel one for the past decade and a half. In the beginning, Emerson Knives created the ES1-M, which was developed as a complete survival knife for the SEAL Teams. Military units receives special training on how to attack and defend with military knives and primary weapons of opportunity.

Designed specifically for combat, the knives on this list are designed to operate in the lowest depths of hell. In most countries, ballistic knives are banned for non-military use, even if they are technically some of the best tactical knives because they propel their blades through the air like bullets. It also has a well-balanced design, which fits properly in the hand without feeling heavy while in action, making it one of the best combat knives in the field. Now you know the blades used by special forces soldiers, but what makes these knives deadly is the way they are used.

Each of these knives is suitable to be a reliable self-defense or survival tool and is worthy of a place on your belt. The Ka-Bar is a classic weapon commonly used by the United States Marine Corps and one of the high-performance knives admired by many special operations forces around the world. The wave opening function allows you to unfold the knife blade as it is removed from your pocket, making it faster than automatic knives and, in some cases, faster than a hidden fixed blade knife. The Marine Corps decided on this knife when they realized that most of the knives they used during World War II were ineffective.


The Ka-Bar was designed perfectly with deadly elements like previous knives, but it added other elements for wire cutters, box openers and more. If your country allows civilians to purchase ballistic knives for non-military use, then this knife is another option to consider. .

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